Saturday, January 31, 2015

Five Things

Do you have numbers that are special to you? In my life, the numbers 22 and 222 come up frequently.  I grew up near Route 22, my parents lived in a home with 222 in the address, and my mom was born in 1922. My husband's dad's burial plot number is 222, and his mom was born on 2/2. (Interestingly, she died on 11/1.)  It makes me wonder whether these repeating numbers happen all the time and we just notice them when something calls our attention to them -- or whether there really is something to numerology.

I'm signed up for another MOOC (massive open online course).   Usually I take classes through Coursera, but this one is at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and it looks like it could be a fun class for anyone, anywhere to explore art in their area.  Let me know if you sign up, too.

I don't know how these two parents, with three babies less than a year apart, get themselves to the gym five times a week plus and ongoing schedule of online college classes at night, but my morning walks are looking very sluggish compared to their initiative.

A recent art journal page (theme words with friends) with the Beatles song All My Life in the background.
 My favorite kind of sewing - the messy, shabby kind - recycling jeans into a doorknob hanger with a pocket inside for secrets and treats.

That's my five. What have you been up to?

Friday, January 2, 2015

Five on Friday

By now anyone who regularly reads this blogs knows that Five on Friday is seldom five and often not on Friday.  I thought of changing the name, but why change with a good thing?

And in that tradition, the following is a list of more than five words and phrases I’d like to see retired in 2015.

In no particular order.

Robust – politicians, realtors and investment people seem to like this word.  A robust market, for example. 

Transparent – often used with robust.  A robust and transparent investigation

With teeth - a robust and transparent investigation, with teeth   This particular investigation is meant to do more than just look pretty.

I can’t even   well then, please don’t

----porn  (as in food porn.) 

BAE – unless you are Pharrell, you probably shouldn’t call your beloved this acronym for Before Anyone Else

Sorry not sorry – oh so clever. Reminds me of the previously-retired "what part of no…"

Hashtag -  it’s #Annoying #Ridiculous and #Distracting and says more about the person using it than they might ever imagine

Twittersphere – where is this place?

Hipster - you know, that guy who looks like he should be featured on a Smith Brothers cough drop box

Selfie – No surprise here. We all absolutely know this word must go. The funniest selfie moments for me this year were in Disney, seeing people standing in front of Cinderella's Castle, smiling broadly in the “I’m having a wonderful time” position, then clicking off their phone and immediately returning to their usual scowl.

I shall try diligently to retire my two favorite - and completely exhausted - words: awesome and amazing. #Resolution #New Years #Buffoon