Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mothers of the Heart

Mother’s Day. Runny eggs, burnt toast and fresh squeezed orange juice replete with pits -- and the crumbs to show for it in the Sunday morning sheets.  Smeared handprint paintings crafted with tempera and glue at pre-school, and Hallmark cards bedecked with teapots and teacups and wicker flower carts. It’s a rite of spring and a day when we raise moms everywhere up for the thanks and generous praise they deserve.

But today I’m thinking about some of the other moms I know – women who are not called mom but who are mothers nonetheless…to their nieces and nephews, grandchildren, students, godchildren and friends’ children.  Maybe they never gave birth or maybe they did, but in either case they are more than a name and a connection – they have consciously chosen to be a shaping force in a child’s life. 

I’m blessed to know many such women who, by choice or circumstance, found they were needed  in some way and rose to the challenge. These loving, devoted Other Moms became the element of change in a child’s life, helping them discover their own success and reach for goals they would otherwise never achieve. We know it only takes one caring adult to fundamentally change a child’s life – and how lucky the child who has parents AND a mother of the heart to help them on their path. 

To each of you – and you know who you are - I raise a lightly - but lovingly - smudged glass of pulpy, watery orange juice. Salut!